Forest Monitoring Plots In Carpernter’s Woods

The following is a message form Tom Witmer, Operations Manager, Natural Lands Restoration, PP&R.

PP&R Ecosystem Managment staff and interns are in the process of establishing fixed monitoring plots in forested areas where we can periodically collect data on vegetation conditions. The main purpose of the plots is to evaluate the effectivenss of restoration projects, but the plots also provide additional information such as deer browse effects.

Starting this Friday, we will be locating five plots in Carpenters Woods, mostly in areas were we removed invasives and planted a few years ago. All plots will likely be within the area bounded by Wissahickon Ave., Wayne Ave., N Mt. Pleasant Ave., and Sedgewick St. Each plot centers will be established by driving in a 6-foot length of orang-painted 1/2-inch diameter re-bar. 3-4 feet of the re-bar will remain above ground so that it can be located in the future for re-sampling. No other materials will be left to identify the plot, although some flagging will be used during sampling.

Sampling consists of measuring a 37.5-foot diameter circle from the plot center, then characterizing and recording all the vegetation within that circle. (This results in a plot size of 1/10 acre.) After the initial sampling (probably Thursday and Friday of next week) we do not expect to return to re-sample the plots until a few years from now.

Tom Witmer
Operations Manager, Natural Lands Restoration
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

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